• amybrown 24w

    They hurt her, cut her and bled her
    but the damsel in distress never let anyone fight for her.
    She was all the sons and daughters of her father..
    and when she knew she was right,
    she stood her ground.
    She glowed like a million fireflies to light
    the darkness in people's heart..
    An exquisite beauty as she was,
    a banished, broken angel from heaven,
    she cried for the injustice done to man,
    tried to heal them and prayed
    for the forgiveness of the sinners..
    In the end captivated by her glow
    when the greedy, hungry wolves surrounded her
    she did not flinch to burn and destroy herself..
    From the ashes rose the maiden
    who gave off such light and power
    that the sinners had nowhere to go
    and nothing to do but to cower in her fierce aura...
    She was the phoenix rising from her ashes...