• seiki_kei 6w

    Factory restart

    Is what the world needs
    Equal rights and sleep full night is what the world crave's
    Black and white are the same
    A simple thing that changes them is melanin in their skin
    All blood runs red
    And No matter where we tread some of us end up dead
    No i'm not black in fact i'm white
    My opinion doesn't Matter
    But in 2 years then it would
    Factory Reset is what the world needs
    Nowadays we are judged for who we love
    Just pick a sex man
    Cause apparently I can not love both
    But a man sliding one down his throat
    While his wife has no clue
    Tells me these things
    No clue what they mean
    Simple man Simple Man
    A Restart is what we need
    So we can all be seen the same
    Love whom we want
    Be who we are meant to be
    Stop shaming those for their skin
    Or whom they love
    Just Fucking realize
    we all have red blood
    99.9 percent of us is the same
    But you make a fuss over two zeros, a dot, and a 1
    When will y'all see
    We need a restart
    Not just of the country but our hearts
    Love one another
    We should not fight over something so simple
    Is the things in our skin
    Or the one's that we love
    We all want acceptance isn't that enough