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    "Everyone is The Healer! As Doctors heal, Healers too heal and The one who Heals is a doctor".

    Doctor heals the health problem, but who is the doctor of our soul and relationships? ��
    I think�� WE all are The Healers! ��
    We have to heal ourselves and our relationships by our own.
    Becoming THE DOCTOR OF MIND.

    Heal your mind and relationships with extreme love, with understanding of the situation, With acceptance, with appreciation and with powerful blessings.

    Becoming a patient or a doctor, completely depends on you.��

    Be The HEALER �� and heal yourselves and your relationships.

    My mantra of healing�� one person, one thought, one decision and one action surely manifest a beautiful relationship.
    Start manifesting your reality. All the best! Love❤️

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    In the journey of becoming Doctor,
    I realized the fact about choosing this course.
    Being a soul who is keen to help others,
    Brought me on the streets of heal and nurture.
    Teachers taught us the healing of biological structures,
    But i aimed at healing people's minds and emotions.
    I love to be called as The Healer more than The Doctor,
    Health and Healing are my first priority Being Human.