• sophtheloaf 5w

    The night I was born

    I was born in anger and I would not
    be quiet about it , my heart on fire
    And after 30 seconds of deliberation
    The nurses yelled ‘ get this baby a pacifier’
    as 1 minute old me shrilled ‘ I’m here so you best move out of my way ‘
    I announced my presence to the world all through the night
    And from that moment , this was the message I received from institutions for the rest of my life
    I had graced the world for a sweet whole
    1 minute 30 seconds and the world had already made up their mind
    ‘Get this girl a pacifier ‘

    The universe heard my cry
    For my soul had transcended
    through space and time
    Wavering through quantum particles, parallel timelines and a source of endless energy to find its self once again... at the start.
    And it couldn’t bare it
    That night my soul screamed at the stars
    why me ? Not again for my sake
    When will I rest? Anything but this
    I’ve been here so many times before
    I cannot take another life of heartache
    The soul cried tales of its past
    The previous beings that just couldn’t
    Stay blind to fools focused on silence
    and forge herself her own path
    Humans that ignored the messages of direction sent to follow my destiny at last
    Yet they continue to rattle around their lives built following the ideas of others ,
    Doubting my truth and beauty’s vast
    looking to the clouds for escape
    I wonder ... Will they ever wake?

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