• noted_life_ 23w

    3. Let's get rid of this-

    If I don't talk much, I will be thrown out of here.
    If I don't give her/him, gifts, what if I have a break up?
    So what if he/ she doesn't call me when he should, I will always be there.
    No matter the pain he gives me, I will never leave his side.
    One day he will definitely fall in love with me, until then, I allow him to hurt me.
    Oh, this particular thing doesn't hurt her or him, then I must be oversensitive.
    I have to not cry, I can't open up, they will tag me as weak.
    Stop, okay?
    Honey love isn't weak. It makes you stronger. if you don't get what you always wanted, it's not love, true love is not waiting. True love exists from the start, two hearts are destined, tied. Opening up about your pain, should not scare you, it requires acceptance from within, you have to tell yourself, okay I am gonna put this out in the front and if they choose to cut me off, I will be ready for it. Who are they to stop you from living your vulnerability with grace? And most important baby, pain has no fixed level, It differs, from person to person, we all are different, we all have different faces right? What if once you meet a person who hates everyone who doesn't look like him or her, would not he be laughed upon? Ofcourse, people will call me a complete nutcase. So the ones who tell you that you think so much and that you are way too sensitive, are just this person who can't accept the ocean beyond their dirty puddle. Think, give this a moment.