• dikshasati 45w


    Shooting star..
    Its a satelling..
    Connecting me nd uh..
    In this world..

    This world is useless..
    Cuz uh can't b mine here..
    There in heaven uh wait...
    I wait for my end here...

    I m gonna come to uh..
    Via the same satellite..
    Which joins me nd uh..
    In d Paradise..

    Uh are mine..
    In every aspect of my life..
    No matter..now we are apart...
    We will unite..

    Satellite..I mean d star..
    It is not off..
    It comes to uh...
    Nd gets me back in my arc..

    Arc of ur love...
    Arc of our love..
    Arc of care and satisfaction..
    Arc of demanding salvation...!!