• cheesylines 10w

    As someone who used to always tell others that it will work out, and as someone who always believed in it, I want to say something to all of those who believe in it: Fuck you. Fuck your optimism. It gives up hope for things that are never going to happen. Some things don't get better. And that's okay. Instead of pining for something that's never going to happen, focus on what you have and what you can do in the future. I'm all for being hopeful, but only when it's redeemable. Hoping, and giving hope in a lost case, is a different ball game altogether. For me hope is like a tear soaked pillow at night. Wet when you sleep on it but dry when you wake up. It's a sign. Sign that it will never be the same. Sign that your tears won't make their way on your cheeks everytime. Giving hope is like being that pillow. You shut your mouth. You just stay there. You hold them. You watch them pour it all out. You watch them when they're vulnerable. You let them take the heat. You don't have to show them the way. You don't have to think or say the right words. You watch them dry their own tears with the handkerchief you lent them. No,their situation won't change. You know it. But after breaking down that's when they can see the whole picture and come to grips with the fact that this storm was necessary. Not to wreck them but to clear their path. You give hope by just being there without empty words of goodness and grace.