• vampirecadence 6w

    The day I met my sufferings

    The day I met my sufferings,
    I asked them, "why you came in a body of young?"
    They told me, "to make you feel how it feels to be old and to be dying young"
    I hesitated and asked, " When would you leave my body?"
    They told me, " We don't come to leave, we come to breathe through the suffocation".
    I felt sad and asked them," Why did you choose this soul?
    They laughed and said," Because we love to see those suffering whose intention is pure because they suffer the most",

    I had nothing left to say except accepting these sufferings that came upon my chest like flock of birds sitting together to eat and drink.
    Since that day, it multiplied like living cell and converted everything into dead cell.
    The love I had for things, I still have when I dream but it made me hate everything I ever loved in reality.
    It feels like I'm dragging these days ever since suffering came and locked me in a prison, restricted my breathe and suffocated my lungs. Frustration is a new visitor come in different clothing to visit the suffering. They greet and love each other like they are one. They look at me and makes me numb. That's the end.