• ayo_kiva 6w


    From the day we were born, we were told what was expected of us; go to school, get good grades, attend the best university, find love, have goals that can be achieved and the list goes on.....

    All this because they wanted us to believe we ain't good enough. It was expected that we should have it all figuerd out upon graduation day of high school.

    - how can we when i didnt have any life experiences?
    -how can i when the path isn't clear

    I enter the real world blinded, alone.
    Got good grades, have a degree but what else is there ? If i did all that, then why am i here, unsure?

    Thoughts about my future terrifies me,
    I cannot sleep; cause anxiety.

    I did not make a five year plan, feared settling for less and that taught haunts me.

    Everyday i wake up i do the same...
    Have breakfast, attend my 9-5, exercise, eat, sleep, watch tv but ask myself.
    Are you living or just existing ?

    All my life i have been living to please others, feel trap. Will i ever escape ?
    Many say I'm calm but that's just on the outside cause inside I'm screaming begging to be free.

    The thoughts in my head will soon take over;
    No passion, no joy, no happiness, just the same routine never to understand and this will be the death of me.