• frank48 6w

    "Laying motionless, stiff and uncomfortable,
    The tweets and beats, the dusty street,
    Sitting down,still as a statue unplayed by external forces,
    Clothed in fresh black,t'was paged -a rendered tit-for-tat,
    Feeling succumb, noisy distrubed and uneasy,
    The bases of grin, scrambled enough with the tattered skin ,
    Tossing up and down, Lifes messed up so bad!
    picking up the hazel brown bagage ,up the sad boulevard, confused whether to hike or run,
    Clogged up with words unsaid ,packed with a load of feelings blanketed on the stone cold bed ,
    Lines and more lines unimportantly jolted down
    Is there any reason behind ones pale mellow frown!