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    A bit too long but please bear with it
    Tried to scribble something that's been haunting me in the middle of the night since long
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    Her eyes still shine
    Like everything has always been fine
    But no one notices that thin line
    Between the shine of spark and the shine
    of tears

    Her smile hides the tears
    Gifted by her dears
    Her laugh hides the fear
    Which she can't help but bear
    Because she's scared to hear,
    Them calling her tainted
    So she got her soul painted!

    Her happiness is nothing but the cover to her pain
    Which she had to gain
    For the reason not so lame
    And the reason was shame
    She always remained silent for the sake of non existing fame
    Fame? Yess fame in front of the world but shame in her own eyes
    Which holds nothing but a billions of lies

    But again shame isn't the word to describe her case
    She was actually scared of the face
    Where once she used to find her solace

    She says that she don't care what they say aloud
    But deep down she knows that she's scared of their sound
    Calling her impurely bound
    And the sound would be loud enough
    to bury her soul deep into the ground
    And once more she'd be in pain
    For the reason actually lame

    Lame because , she actually was a victim
    Of the lust that couldn't be tamed
    Victim of the sin
    About which she couldn't do a thing
    But then they'd try to make her feel guilty
    Once they come to know about the sin so filthy!

    So she started to judge
    Even the once who didn't deserve her grudge

    Then she became hollow
    Coz she had to swallow
    Those emotions and memories that would follow her everywhere she went
    So that pain became something that she couldn't vent

    She killed the conscience
    For the sake of people
    Who wouldn't want her to shine
    She had voices but made no sound
    Until her soul got buried in the ground

    So she absorbed her pain
    Like the cloud absorbs the rain
    But little did she know that the cloud would burst one day
    And once again she'll be in pain
    Her eyes will be filled again
    As it will all get spilled like the rain
    And they would once again gain
    And opportunity to cause her pain

    But now their efforts to cause her pain
    Will all go in vain
    She'll prove them wrong
    Now that she has grown strong
    And wouldn't get torn
    By the hurtful words born
    From the ones she wants to run
    Coz now she's strong
    And won't get torn !