• harshad09 9w

    If , I hadn't been here
    I'd have known him never
    A vivacious friend
    A supportive brother
    A passionate reader
    A Mastermind writer
    A brand-name , an icon popular
    He's the one Morale booster
    A continuous flame
    A peculiar profile name
    A support to proclaim
    A solution to every problem
    A person of Divine art
    A writer sagacious , by heart
    For me , Mirakee's integral part
    I'd always believe for him being there
    He's one of the Stars ,
    that constantly keep shining here
    There's too much , I can write and say
    For now , let me wish You
    A Very Happy Birthday @veloc1ty_

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    Happy Birthday Brother

    Wishing for You ,

    Every Color of the Rainbow