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    Today a suicide victim breathed her last in our care.. I still don't understand why they would arrive at such a conclusion. Why do you think it's so hopeless...she wasn't even much older than me.
    Don't you think as long There is life there is hope.

    Please don't lose all hope in a moment of sadness. You may be alone but you won't be alone all your life right. Find people talk to them fight for your cause.

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    Sailing in a sea of bitterness
    Isn't it worthwhile for a single drop of happiness
    A moment of weakness
    In exchange for a lifetime of experience?

    Look at the world, at the sea of human heads
    Do you think they give so much as shreds

    Don't you think that as long there is life there is hope
    You may cope or you may elope
    Though it's something everyone may deplore
    Just don't go knockin' on heavens door