• tanzeerahazarika 5w


    Today I am completely fragmented,
    Couldn't take this agony any more.
    Where are those mesmerizing days gone?
    Where are those greenery gone?
    Where are those crystal clear water gone?
    Where are the pleasing birds chirping gone?
    Where are those animals howling gone?
    Where are our freedoms gone?
    Where are those colourful life gone?
    Why all these natural calamities happening?
    Where the bonds between the Earth, nature and humans gone?
    Where are those colours gone?
    Why today only hue and grey left?
    Is this is the end?
    Are we all going to fragment?
    Oh! God please help all of us please save all of us.
    This pain completely fragment me,
    Couldn't take this agony any more
    I am totally fragmented today.
    Everything is fragmenting day by day......
    Tanzeera Hazarika