• mr__x_ 4w

    How should I express and verbally express this to you was under my control then I'll just do this
    persistently optically canvass you every second and all day long
    consistently visually examine you, dote you, pray to you all the time
    I'll cogitate you, understand you, pray for you all the time

    you and sing you all the time
    I'm plenarily crazy for you
    my death and my living as well
    my alcohol and my imbibing as well

    You're my silver and my gold as well
    You're my laughing and my crying as well
    You're commixed in all my breaths
    My ocular perceivers optically discern you whether they're open or close

    My beloved, I'm consummately crazy for you
    It's my heart's desire to procure you one day
    I'll take you even beyond the firmaments
    Where the moon and the stars are spread in the paths
    Where there are saccharine flowing waterfalls of musical compositions

    Where the world of dreams never slumbers
    Where you're there, I'm there and no one else
    My beloved, I'm plenarily crazy for you

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