• arzooindoria 6w


    Everyone has a life partner,
    So do I,

    He loves me to infinite,
    He is always with me whether I'm wrong or right,

    The hug he give make my heart pound,
    That kiss, heal all my wound,

    When he sit beside me, something inside me start running,
    If suddenly he look direct into my eyes, I can't stop myself from blushing,

    He wears what I say,
    His love is forever but he never call me bae,

    I fight, he come to me and laugh,
    And if I cry, then he come to me and hilariously dance,

    He say, I am everything for him,
    And for me he is everything,

    Like in every relationship
    I too will say that I have the best relationship ever,

    Yes, he is the one whose love for me is forever,
    But wait!!!
    There is nobody like my brother
    "I love you bhai till the end of the sky".