• mentalhydra 10w


    Yesterday I saw myself through the eyes of a dog. It was raining and cold outside and I was hungry and full of self doubt.
    That's when the dog spoke to me, not with words but a sense of feeling.
    It said to love myself and trust my gut when making decisions
    That everything will eventually be ok as long as I put effort into the universe and forfeit my selfish desires to hate myself.
    And the rain came down harder with explosions of light and color and now I could feel myself in everything the world was and I understood that the truth in this world is just as valid as the lies, that the final point in all things was that we all must go one day and that this time on Earth was only ment to be experienced and anything else was just a waist of time such as worries or regret.
    As I awoke from this dream I noticed I was still wet, drenched in sweat and my mind was confused by the splashes of color that faded away
    But it's all still with me now
    And I can sleep easier