• flying_spirit 22w

    Dear love,

    I really don't know why am I writing this letter to you.
    Maybe I am missing you
    But actually I never saw you
    Yes ,because I have not found you yet!
    But still I want to say you something or I should say my heart wants to say you something:
    "I never want to be your moon
    I just want you to cherish me like your shooting star,
    I don't want you to be with me the whole day but I want that whatever time we spent together , it should be enough to beautify the treasury of our memories,
    I promise I will never leave your hand
    And in return I just want you to be on my side forever,
    You know I don't want to be your queen
    But I want to be your " cup of tea",
    I don't want any luxuries from you
    A hug from you is enough to make me smile,
    I never want to be with you forever
    But I want our love to stay immortal till eternity...! "
    Wherever you are in search of me
    Let me remind you
    My eyes are waiting for you too..
    And I swear
    Until you arrive ,my heart will not collide
    With anyone else's heart..
    - from your star- in -waiting!