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    Pluck it out NOW

    Pluck it from the root NOW

    Wrong thoughts and desires which you entertain in your heart must be stopped or if it rooted strong then you pluck it out from it's roots by The Word of God and The Spirit of God. Otherwise it may bring hindrance or disasters in your life.When you say,Jesus:help my life,then the spirit of God starts to cleanse your life

    The Bible says,in Mathew-15:19,20- for out of the heart proceed evil
    thoughts ,murderers,adulteries,fornications,theft,false witness, blasphemies.these are things defile a man'.
    So it is clear that all wrong and good thoughts,plans,desires origin from the Heart(your spirit).By praying to the Lord,you will be sanctified by the Spirit of God working in you,that fills your heart with goodness.That makes you choose right.
    The spirit of the Lord sanctifies your heart through the power if the blood of jesus and the word of God breaks the strongholds which hinder your way in life.Just like,clay plastered wall,when the water pours on it with force,it breaks the whole wall.Just the same,the bad habits be destroyed.
    The Bible says in 1 John-1:9-"If we confess your sins ,He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness".
    1john-1:7-'The blood of Jesus christ His son cleanses you from all sin.'
    After help by God ,stand your faith grounded on God's word.And keep on going forward in success and prosperity.Develop in you a habbit to read the Word of God daily and renew your mind everyday with it,that will prosper your life with His goodness.
    Proverbs-4:23-'keep your heart with all diligence,for out of it spring the issues of Life.'

    God bless you all
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