• rhymontic 30w

    **Is this all in my mind**

    I want to hold your hips,
    and kiss your lips,
    we've met just now,
    and I'm feeling wow,
    This might be wrong,
    but the feeling is strong,
    Is this all in my mind...

    You are so attractive,
    you make staring addictive,
    and a look in your eyes,
    to heaven I rise,
    Is love at first sight,
    this impossible to fight,
    or is this all in my mind...

    I wish we can rush,
    past being my crush,
    I feel like I'm starving,
    when I'm the only one loving,
    I'm not blinded by lust,
    I do want this to last,
    or is this all in my mind...

    I want to let you know,
    I don't want you to go,
    But I can't play that role,
    because of self control,
    I've thought about it enough,
    and I'll keep acting tough,
    for this is all in my mind...