• j_the_outsider 5w

    To him..if you're reading this

    Don't worry I'm okay
    I'm not crying
    And I'm not mad
    You know what's best for you
    And I do too
    I know you're reading
    I won't be discreet
    I love you the most
    Which is why we should actually toast
    For the love we've shared over these months
    It's been difficult
    It's been hard
    But everything will be fine
    Promise me no tears
    Promise me no sadness
    I know you broke the rules
    I know you feel terrible
    But don't beat yourself up love
    We're two doves still learning to fly
    Be a soldier
    Be strong
    Be the knight in shining armor
    Don't become too far gone
    Forgive yourself
    I know it's hard
    But don't harp on the issue
    Forgiveness is powerful
    I write this wearing your clothes
    My heart installed on the sleeve
    Knowing we'll be together again soon
    Knowing you know I love you J
    Right all the way past the stars to the moon
    ~The 0utsider, Blue❤️