• wordsleftunspoken 18w

    I'm sitting here everyday with this heaviness in my heart that wont go away. Losing you unleashed all the pain of past loses that I harbored away for so long. I used to ask myself how many heartbreaks can one heart take? Well now I know, losing you was the final break that shattered my heart completely. No matter what I do, I just don't feel whole anymore. So much has been taken from me in life but I'd always been good at hiding and ignoring the pain; now there's just to much, to much to hide, to much to ignore. I feel the sadness of every loss slowly consume me, like the darkness consuming the night sky, Lost in the memories of everything I've lost, drowning in the thoughts of everything I still have lose; how does one get through the losses to come when your already completely broken

    ©M. Papineau