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    So the question is which life am I leading now? REALITY or FANTASY. The answer is DON'T KNOW. Because I know I'm leading a very ordinary life like any others but IT IS THE WEIRD IMAGINATION THAT IS SPOILING EVERYTHING. I decide LET'S ESCAPE FROM IT BY FORSAKING IT COMPLETELY BUT NOW I GUESS IT IS TOO LATE, The way I have travelled is LIKE ONE WAY and if I turn back everything seems like a quake, means the path I have travelled so far doesn't exist anymore. Now I have only option TO KEEP GOING FORWARD, THERE IS NO BACK STEP FOR ME. I don't know to call whether I have dug a grave or IT IS SOMETHING ELSE BUT EVERYTHING THOUGH LOOKS LIKE A REALITY MECHANISM, STILL FAILS TO PROVE IT IS A REALITY.
    For example: The world that I studied in the comics before 35 years ago and the world that I'm living now both of them have so much of similarities that I can't distinguish between both the aspects. The world I live is a reality but this is so similar to a comic isn't a reality but it is becoming a reality.