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    (Part 1)

    "Why do you came here every night? I am doing nothing this from past 3 weeks that you come here and go with someone in a car", he said.

    "Who are you to ask me this, my life, where i go".
    She replied.

    "It's not safe here, Okay, let it be. I am sorry". He apologized.

    "Hey , wait don't go. I even noticed something that you drink daily and stare at me for an hour.",
    she said.

    "Yes , i am rich lonely brat who drinks daily. Tell me now , why do you come here?", he again asked.

    "I work as a sex worker ti earn living, three small sisters to feed and a paralyzed mother also", she replied with tears in eyes.

    "Haha , why are you crying, look at yourself, you look so ugly when you cry, stop crying, would you mind sharing a drink with me? As it is too hot here let's go inside", he said.

    "No , i dont know you", she said "do you know the man inside the car? Trust me, come to my place. I am bored and i need someone to give me company. I can even pay you for being a good friend", he said.

    It's not the end,
    The beginning of new relationship.
    The second part will be posted tomorrow ,
    I hope you love it so , stay tuned

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