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    Remember when you started walking towards a goal,you were always enthusiastic and joyful,and during course of time you become lethargic, dull "Off the wagaon ".
    Just think why do you get off the track when you have decided yourself for that goal for your own betterment.
    Why the same thing,that walking on the path which gives you reason to get off the bed ,the spark, doesn't feel so sparkly after few days.

    So want to know the reason why we are elated in the first place and during the course not so. Memory,yes you heard me right, Memory ,when you decide to do something in first place you have your' Why' clear in your head and you start and walk towards your goal because that why is smelling fresh in your head but latter the" Why " is forgotten during the process and due to that the same path we are walking gives us immense pain now,because now we are not having our 'why ' in our head .

    This happens for all our endeavour be it a self improvement goal,be it a job or anything first we are excited then slowly it all goes away .

    Key for acheivement is to be happy in pursuit of goal.If path seems thorny how the hell we are going to reach any where.That's why reconnect with "why".
    If it's a job which gave you pleasure now,ask yourself- why,
    If it's a goal towards which you are asking ,ask yourself -why.
    We cannot go against our brain ,our brain is our friend but memory is the biggest loophole of our brain,we forget after sometime, that's why reinvent "whys."

    That's why don't forget your 'Why'.Whenever that path becomes boring then ask yourself again" Why I started this".

    Good Morning
    Love from me to you.❤❤
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    Remember Why

    Whenever we forget the 'Why' during the path,the path becomes thorny and troublesome.