• oyindasola 5w


    When the news first came
    It was shock before relief
    The shock of knowing another being,
    Another life was growing in her
    And the relief of knowing
    She was one of the lucky ones
    To bear another life,in her.

    Her stomach started expanding,
    Loosing her fitted curvy feminine shape.
    Wasn't easy at all
    But she knew it was the best,
    So she set aside all the rest
    Knowing fulling well,
    It was just another sacrifice
    For her mini self

    She dealt with the symptoms
    Whether it was the nausea
    Or the constant dizziness
    Whether it was the mood swings
    Or her inability to find a proper sleeping posture
    There were worries
    Probably high complications

    But when ever she stared in the mirror,
    She saw it,she felt it, the living being inside of her
    A person,someone, a living being, that was all hers.
    Someone she could nurture
    Her own child.

    She dealt with the cramps
    And laboured in pain
    She cried and screamed
    And yes even at one point
    Begged for it to over
    For the pain had been unbearable
    She was too weak to move anymore
    Sadness washed over her
    As the fear of loosing her own- her child
    Dawned on her

    But yet, all it took was small cry
    That tiny light at the end of the tunnel,
    That low echo beneath the silence
    Her sadness turned into joy
    As her eyes laid on the being that was in front of her-her child
    An innocent, fragile being, that would trust her with its life
    She forgot he pain, her fears, her tears washed away all the insecurities that had bounded her

    And once those tiny fingers
    Took one of her fingers in then
    A bond was created,
    Those little orbs that stared back at her
    She swore to fill them with happiness and love
    And she cried,yes she cried
    This time not because she was insecure or paranoid
    Because finally, alas she could hold her child and call it- hers.