• aj_2020 5w

    Do You Feel The Same

    You ever feel like it's a circle, devastion I want a miracle, last hail Mary, the end is scary, desserts are barren, who is really caring, pupils staring, judged for mistakes, dates projected dates, no escape, caution tape, lost mindstates, empty answers, solo dancer on a stage no audience, music playing in silence, media always showing violence, can't you see the circle, around and around, shouts no sounds, wheres the exit, innocence how to protect it, how to continue teaching, so it doesn't sound like preaching, how to resonate, to settle debates, create same page, so we celebrate the same date, so we can arrive at the same gate, the way the world goes we're all doomed to parish at the same rate, young and old, weak and strong, affects show before long, right and wrong, beats and song, can touch few, but the masses, segregated seperated, deflated, oldest story to save us all, we ignore the true call, we rely on one self, search power and wealth it's said, but materials meaning nothing on our deathbed, it's time we regret to hold, before souls fold, and body's commit to ground, we treat time like it always comes around, like it will never run out, simple text or a shout, to see what lives are doing, what were missing out, I'm tired, exhausted and out of gas, were all so pushed to move so fast, no time to recharge and catch our breath, that were lapped by all the rest, this enormous weight on my chest, holds me down, left behind, struggle to see what's next, do you ever feel like letting go, or no strength to keep your grip, tread careful, so you won't slip, afraid to be the only one to stand while others choose to sit, our eyes see objects and situations, interpretation and abbreviations, are always switched, a second to long becomes a glitch, wealth portrays a happy state, while poor shows a struggles rate, this world is crazy it's left me speechless, and in utter disgust, trust is broken like useless glass, peace is talked about but never lasts, and love, well love is tossed around like a dirty rag, all leaves cuts turn to scabs, small or big, they hurt something bad, so many masks, that we hide our feelings that make us sad, there's gotta be more to change this world, come on don't you agree, our futures gotta be better than our past..