• rodney 5w

    My Future is in my temple.

    How you sleep on my lap.
    How you blow off the dust before you wrap.
    How I am falling for your living.

    Just your breathing.

    How you talk and in, funny voices that you mock.

    The way, we take long walks.

    In tender sunlit dusk.
    How we love eachothers musk.

    You know of it, entirely.
    There's nothing furthermore to add half-heartedly.

    I love you, wholeheartedly.
    I love you.

    Your sun kissed summer hair.
    Your lotions drenched arms, I swear—
    They're my everyday muse that you share.

    This is why, it is always you that I choose.

    My lover, you are my early morning dews.
    Like pearl out of ocean, I'll protect you with my arms wrapped around you.

    I'm that shell.

    I'll protect with my concern and care because within me is where you dwell.

    It is a temple.
    Where polaroid of memories are ample.
    Baby, this is just a sample.
    Cause, darling you aren't simple.
    As long as I house you within the walls of my temple.