• heartthinker 5w


    Soul searching & weary, I had finally
    reached the peak of this journey,
    climbing higher than I'd ever been before,
    There were still a few more steps to go,
    but my legs were reluctant.

    Not because I couldn't make it,
    but because I was hesitant to let it go.
    For once I cleared this crest, the unknown
    would be entirely revealed to me,
    as I could only look back on my journey.

    I would see friendly valley & hills, dark nights & caves I explored , deep water I crossed,
    I would see patches of spring
    where I grew,
    and rocky ravines where I balked & challenged.
    I would smile at my meandering paths,
    winding through low deserts & high mountain meadows.

    I will miss this journey, but the tenacious vines of
    prose & poetry became entangled in my dreams