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    Corona , Corona , Corona
    Everywhere is Corona
    Never expected 2020 to be like this
    Alot of things have changed because of this

    Going into Quarantine for the first time in life
    Every day , Every minute because of Corona someone dies
    Thinking the World Media is telling lies ,
    And how the Virus has been increasing in size

    It has been six months passed;
    At home until when it will last
    No Schools , No Parks , Nobodies going outside,
    Atleast our health will be fine as we stay inside

    We have to take precautionary measures,
    As we try to handle this pressure
    Social distancing at every chance
    To wear mask & able to wash our hands

    Alot of people had to change their plans,
    But we all had to understand
    They say " Stay Home , Stay Safe "
    For a better World have Faith ! .

    Written By
    Malaika Malik

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