• utopian_ 10w

    Do you want to die

    How rude is that you just said out of hate
    Your hate is for foe and also for your mate
    You don't hate them instead hate their ways
    Your love temporary, hate is what stays

    Your mind is downtrodden to the gutters of thoughts
    You are breaking everything and fixing them with knots
    You are losing to yourself and shaming others for it
    And when you're proven wrong, like a goat you bleat

    What is the issue in being true, genuine and kind
    Why are your brain cells dead, why are you blind?
    It seems all this is on purpose to pretend to be smart
    You are searching for chillies instead of tart

    All these things if relate to you even a bit
    Than stop what you are doing,please have a seat
    Sit on your seat and think of your life
    Why are you feeling all this jibe

    A life less of love is a life wasted
    The most beautiful fruit you have tainted
    Now think of it whenever next time you lie
    Do you want to love, do you want to die!