• eunoiaorenda 5w

    A|| m¥ fri€nđ$ are đ€4đ

    I've been l o s t so L 0 s T
    ¿Where's my watch...? 08:06
    The clock tics and it tocks
    Head heavy like rocks
    Time advances as they drop
    The circumstances gather with fury
    They've come with lessons to be taught
    An endless continium with no stop
    I've been told that they're gone
    I refuse to accept they're gone
    I will move on but I'll glow in their essence
    These Angel's brought joy spread love with their presence an astonishing illuminesce
    Heavenly presents unworthy of their prescence undeserving but I was still receptive the drugs altered my perception
    Impaired my judgment the ultimate deception
    I dispute it with conviction
    We will never cease to intersect
    I dissect the reasons why
    Emotions intersect with the seasons as the rain runs dry and the clothes left out to dry
    Cutting all supply
    I cannot justify living a lie
    In a constant state of why
    I'm in a rut and I try to cut my way out this
    Love tightly knit in a fabric of trust
    Went up with the Hennesy and down with the white dust
    This is only the surface
    Not yet past the crust
    Where our detriment could've been our lust
    To escape we all must
    But we must be conscious of our wasting away of potential
    We inevitably will begin to be corroded with rust
    The damage evidential
    But they're memories bring me smiles
    They'll last more than a while eternal
    Undying love
    Runs deeper than the n