• bbowling 5w

    Her savior

    Sometimes a bit eccentric
    Always dancing awkwardly around
    Headphones blaring loudly
    She wears to hide her frown
    Other times her weakness
    Overtakes her soul
    She weeps and tries not to shows him her broken self that's never whole
    He's always there to catch her
    No matter how hard the fall
    She dosent always notice
    He's always there to help her crawl
    And when harsh words are spoken
    They both shatter and break inside
    Sometimes their loves unopened
    Closed up with foolish pride
    Then suddenly he'll smile
    From the banks of her murky shore
    His arms outstretched and open
    Even amidst their savagery and war
    She wishes she could show him
    How much he truly saves
    How deeply she really loves him
    How he makes her weak heart brave
    If he could see the way she saw him
    He'd finally understand
    That in her mind he's perfect
    He's her superman
    She may never be one of "those girls"
    She lacks that certain type of beauty
    But she's willing to spend forever
    Loving him absolutely