• thecreativenut 6w

    Give some love to yourself

    One of these days in your life
    You'll be confused
    Whom to trust
    You'll be like
    Why is the world so much for you
    Why does everyone seek love
    Instead of becoming love
    Maybe it's because
    When you give too much
    They take
    And take and take
    They keep taking
    Until you're empty
    Completely drained
    Of your own self
    Then they pity you
    Make fun of you
    Make you feel like an idiot
    Because you were selfless
    Tried and tried
    For everyone to like you
    Keeping them before you
    Then you stop trying
    You realize
    Why should I bend over and over
    For such people
    Who only deserve none of my attention
    They find somebody else
    Drain them if their good
    And leave them
    Hanging in front of everyone
    And what was your fault
    Being there for them
    To feel more acceptable
    To feel loved
    You're love
    If you give even a fraction of it to yourself
    You'll become whole
    A new person
    Give some love to yourself