• aratrikachaudhury 6w

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    A lonely girl I used to be ,
    A freak is what everyone used to see,
    They said there lies a monster beneath me,
    Reckless , colour changing , heartless cold and angry,
    Dont be trapped in her words ,
    It can be a nightmare or a deadly sword,
    a whirl of emotions is what she is,
    One time happy another blink angry breeze,
    I found myself scared of me on my own ,
    On my head cloud of hurt and ignorance shone,
    I asked myself is it that bad to let out emotions of yours,
    And then turning into someone whom none adores,
    Silent nights ,muffled cries , running nose, teary eyes,
    Was I that horrific or were those blatant lies,
    I decided to stand strong and continue my life as who I am ,
    I will be successful, I will show them I am not a monster in a short time span,
    And there i saw myself at the top ,
    Where no one could tell me ever to stop,
    Those same person who made me fear ,
    Pleaded in front , told me they cared for me dear,
    Now you decide which emotion I should show ,
    The monster one or the one that makes a smile grow ,
    Or tired,angry, ignorant or strict telling them to run,
    After all I am the monster , I am the full of emotion one .