• vampirecadence 5w

    12:40 AM - 1:44 AM
    3rd July 2020

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    Remember this

    Remember this:
    Remember this those fears know all your weakness and they will try to talk to you again and will try to make you feel that they have changed and won't scare you like they used to but that's their lie because as soon as you'll listen them, they will hypnotise you and will again destroy you by making you scare till death.
    They are opportunist. You give opportunities to them and they feed on them.

    Remember this don't listen to them even if they entice you but you must know, at the end, they will bite you.
    They know you are going against them, so they will do whatever it would take to make you stop by making you show two different path,
    but this will be your time to choose wisely,
    this will be your time to bring them down on their knees.
    They will try every possible thing to make you lose your mind so that you lose your brain and choose that side so that you do those things that makes you drain.
    They know all your secrets so you can't trick them because even your trick is one of those secrets.

    Remember this whatever you will do or wherever you'll go, they will always come behind you but invisible and your one wrong move can make them all visible.

    Remember this that when they used to scare you, you were unaware and you weren't sure what you were doing, they kept you tapping on that button and kept you showing those replayed episodes.
    They knew it what scares you so they kept making you do does things so you get even more scared.
    They hacked your thoughts, they hacked your cell phone, they hacked your vision, they hacked your dreams and turned them into nightmares, they hacked your footsteps, they hacked your mind, they hacked your body and soul, they hacked everything they know about you because you didn't know about those fears because every time your tried sneaking in to get details, they scared you and frigid you.

    Remember this they made you feel like what it feels like being dead even after being alive.
    They made you see that even brightness can be dark too.
    They made you feel that even crowd can't even make you feel safe.
    They made you see that dream doesn't only come alive but nightmares too.

    I'm making you all remember this because even after all this, you writing all this which shows how much courage you have and I know this, even though whatever those fear did to you, you are still trying everything to get that smile and happiness on your face, even after all this, you are still doing things that makes you feel happy.

    I want you remember this that you are not what your fear tells you or shows you because you are something you haven't even seen yet because all those fears always tried showing you different you but you know what, you are everything that your fear tried hiding from you.

    Now all you have to remember that whenever those fear ever try coming back to you, all you have to remember this what you wrote to know your true self.

    - vampirecadence