• krishna93 6w


    In this world full of judgements and misunderstanding often hearts are broken. Some can be mended but some damages are beyond repair.


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    His side of story:

    Little did they know the sufferings he went through
    The battles he fought every day in his mind
    He was scared to be judged
    He was scared to tell the truth
    Because he could not do anything, his last resort was alcohol
    Hope he found solace in it atleast
    For this brutal world never understood his innocent heart

    His family story:

    We gave him everything
    Yet he hides everything from us
    We cared for him
    But he loved alcohol more than us
    Why can't he live like us, why is he so stubborn
    He might have fallen in love and his heart must be broken
    He might have killed someone, maybe that is why he is hiding the truth
    Why should he hide we don't understand.