• speekfreely 20w

    What Is?

    What is fire if it doesn't go hire
    What is passion if it doesn't burn
    What is a lesson if u never learn
    What is strength if u act weak and defeated
    What is peace if it isn't perfect and completed.
    The answer is: u doubt what u feel , what u say , & u push your strength away .
    I need u to reclaim all the things God ordained.
    God exchanged your pain for his peace , when your weakness kicks in ,our God will defend u on high, thats no lie , he'll place his rainbow in the sky .
    My God will secure your needs , refuel your fire, give u a burning passion to continue to push thru. He will give u strength when your weak, perfected peace will complete your day . What is too hard for God???? , ABSOLUTELY NOTHING !