• cherilnclarke 6w

    Imperfect Perfection

    Beyoncé was right
    Pretty Hurts
    Obsession with perfection
    Is a deadly enemy of humanity
    Yet we persist. We chase.
    We fantasize and fetishize
    We dream and we stalk illusive ideals
    So embedded are standards of beauty and success in our culture
    That many have lost themselves in the pursuit
    Bank accounts are full, but souls are lost
    IG accounts are vibrant, but spirits are broken
    There’s a drought of authenticity
    A dearth of intimacy
    A starvation for connection
    A longing for the opportunity to express the fullness of one’s humanity
    The splendor and the ugly
    But courage is lost
    It is buried in fear
    Silently suffering and waiting for an attentive ear.