• nikshiiiee 23w

    Then trust me darling you are thinking in a wrong direction. Stand in front of the mirror and take a look at yourself. Look at what a miserable condition you have made of yourself in order to be accepted and liked by others. This is not why you got this life and it is not worthy enough to end it. The almighty has created you for some reason and since you are still breathing the cause is not fulfilled.
    You don't deserve this poor condition.
    Believe in God and also,
    Believe in YOU because no one else but only you can bring out the Best In You

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    Have you ever been into a phase where in you feel that you are a burden for all?
    That there is no one who cares for you or there's no one who thinks about you or infact no one loves you..
    Have you at the worst situations felt like finishing it off?

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