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    "You are not going in there". Ray warned.
    "No,I can."Aster talked in his head.
    "Dan can take care of the cameras but still.. there are five men gaurding it.. and they have the immediate back up button in their watch. We will create distractions and go there. You are supposed to just watch... just watch. Do you understand?."
    "No,I too want to try something.. something fun. Men can never harm a beautifull woman"She talked in his head. She changed her body into the most beautifull actress,Haile.
    "Wow!"Voilet exclaimed.
    "Is this one of her super powers?"Dan asked.
    "Maybe"Ray murmered. He still coudn't figure out what Aster really was?. When he stole her from the lab,he thought she was just an ordinary girl who couldn't talk. Now, each day she surprised him, with things which he could never explain. The colour of her eyes changed,emerald green, this might be the colour of excitment.
    "Can I go?"Aster pleaded in his head. "Please"
    "Give her a chance." John said.Ray followed his leaders orders.
    "I will go first." Aster's voice boomed in everyones head.
    " Dude, You should stop that."Dan said.
    " You are a freak." Jessa said with remorse. She hated this girl and Aster somehow understood this without much explanations.
    Aster, in Haile's body walked towards the museum.
    "Can she really do it?"Dan implored.
    " We will either end up in jail or steal the painting."John said in a cool voice.

    So.. this is the prologue of my first novel.I really really really hope that everyone enjoy it.Please leave comments so that I can continue.

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