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    Irrfan Khan, You Will Be Dearly Missed.

    Its so painful to accept the fact that the person who used to be our favourite is now no longer within us. Same is the situation with every single Indian today. Irrfan Khan, whose unforeseen demise left everyone with heavy heart.
    Although we were never connected by blood yet he was someone who really belonged to us.Today we Indians are lamenting as if we have lost someone who belonged to our family.
    He was not just an actor, but a gentleman of complete integrity. A trailblazer who won millions of hearts by always doing something different from what is usually done. Through his dialogues, people could actually listen to him.
    He was the true instance of versatility in the field of cinemas.
    Today he is not within us, but he dwells in our hearts.
    Rest in peace, Irrfan Khan.

    Tulika Deka