• _athulya 5w

    A note of hapiness

    It was the time when I was in 12th. I had an exam of railways . Achha has come with me for my exam. As it was in delhi, no centre in agra . The day before exam, we departed from Agra cantt. The cantt was fully crowded .We went to the ticket counter. As we approached a lady having a kid on her shoulder and a child who holded her little finger blocked us and asked for money. Lookwise she seems to belong rajasthan. The child was holding the little finger of her mother in the same way i holded achha's .
    As already we were in a rush n station itself was crowded. He holded my hand more tightly and we moved forward , suddenly the child hold my wrist n said didi bhook lagi hai (im hungry ).
    Achha took a 10 rupee n gave it to her.
    My hapiness on the peak , the child was smiling n i was too
    Still when i remember this thing , i feel good
    Life is all about small things !