• silent_storm_ 10w

    938 days and 22 hours!

    We've crossed the ocean of difference
    We've seen the beat of love
    dancing in the midnight booth.
    We've feel the sorrow of love
    we've come this far though.
    The love we keep for each other
    is nothing but an endless tunnel.
    The more we move the more we
    see the light coming our way.
    We've been through everything
    Though nothing could part us
    Love and life that's been our thing always.
    problems persist but our value was more stronger
    The trust and efforts we put in each other
    is way more powerful than anything
    what's trying to part us.
    Grateful for all the 938 days and 22 hours and counting.
    Togetherness that can't be expressed
    but can be felt in our own way.
    Happy 938 days of togetherness Love. ❤️