• hafeezhmha 5w

    This is a short poem i wrote on depression. It's crazy how people take this issue so lightly. We must understand that depression is real.
    Me and a friend of mine @rynah_k Decided to write something on depression. This is what i could come up with.
    #sad #poem #tragic

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    I woke up to life
    in a cold dark night
    I saw no hope
    with no sign of light

    I was stuck in the past
    unable to heal
    I lost all my will
    I lost all my zeal

    I lay there alone
    looking at the passing clouds,
    with fear for the future
    and with all sorts of doubts

    My mind was my foe
    My thoughts were my dread,
    I felt so numb
    As if i was dead

    With all my shattered dreams
    With no sorrow to hide,
    With no sign of help
    With no one to guide,
    I lost all my way
    And committed suicide.