• prashantchauhan 6w

    Narendra Modi as a 14th Supreme is
    leading a nation owning World's largest democracy.
    A nation ranked 8 among the most mega-diverse
    countries in the world
    A millionaire on instagram
    3rd most followed on Twitter
    Yet it is true to pen that world can only see the
    brightness of a well lit candle not the wax which melts behind and the thread which turns into ash.
    PM Modi stepped in the world on 17 September 1950 in a Gujarati family in Vadnagar as a 3rd child among six,
    to Mulchand Modi and Hiraben.
    His nurturing was not with a silver spoon or with a
    schoolbag, water bottle
    and uniform else but by aiding his father selling tea owing often bully by opposition party.
    But he only well said that his present has no link with
    his past profession.
    In 2014 he set himself an examplary person becoming
    14th PM of India. He is great mean,a great leader and
    ofcourse great senior representing India.
    He has created a Milestone in the progression of India
    by his smooth hande in economy, education, and
    external affairs.
    He is currently more conscious on India's protection
    and great protectors 'THE INDIAN ARMED FORCE" He
    has solved and solving many controversial disputes with Pakistan and China with his smooth handle.
    And at last my fav. lines from Respected P.M
    "Saugandh me this soil, I will not let the country disappear, I will not let the country disappear, I will not let the country bow down".

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