• atharva_j_20 6w

    Light or Dark

    If the gods said "Let there be light"
    Then why I just see the darkness.
    Blood's being spilling and people are dying
    Even a sunny day feels like night of sadness

    We are a part of God they say to us
    Then why is a part of God in sorrow
    They promise, we go to heavens by dying
    But no one can promise a happy tomorrow.

    If God sent us down to live our life
    By doing our duty and live our part
    Then why would he bring sorrow to us
    As we are him and we are his part

    Because no one knows if the heaven's true
    Or hell is a place of sadness
    But life is a true journey we see
    And we go through expecting happiness

    So let's not worry where we go
    To heavens gate or to devil's hell
    Live through this life with the way we want
    And not make afterlife a topic to dwell.

    Let's make sure we enjoy this time
    Because life will surely come to cease
    And let's not worry what comes our way
    Let's lie back and enjoy the happy breeze.