• barbietocatwoman 5w

    15. Welcome Home

    When the view outside your window is dominated largely by snow
    And it's cold and quiet, many thoughts keep you occupied
    And your mind takes you home
    To the warmth of endless summer
    To the first time you approached a stranger
    The last time you felt brave before you ran away together
    And now you miss them but you're terrified
    You wanna go back but how do you begin to apologize
    Will they even take you back
    Or disgrace you before the entire town
    They will not believe any lies you can conjure
    Even before you left they knew you were unhappy
    They just didn't care enough to help the poor girl
    Don't expect any aid now
    All they want is to punish someone other than themselves
    And with that the thoughts vanish
    You're left wondering why you even bother
    To expect a homecoming that may not end in your slaughter
    The prodigal daughter
    Embarassment so she's daughter of her mother
    Her father if he bothers to acknowledge
    Can you see what your freedom cost
    Everyone you may have loved once
    Welcome to your new home though
    Take comfort in the silence; his welcoming gaze; and the snow