• kaushik__ 10w


    Take me back to where the earth smiled
    and my weird mind thrived
    All I do is write words
    that make you cringe

    Oh just a loser to modern time
    A stranger talking to trees
    living for strange thoughts and peaceful nights

    Glued to a window the rain falls opposite
    of me speaks my pain
    Days coming round where I'm cruelest to myself

    Oh just a loser in your heart and mind
    Even kicked by the freaks
    What's wrong with me?
    Why can't I be the same?

    Grew up an outcast, a half-breed
    Am I unworthy of love?
    No luck of thing called love
    I paint a picture of romance different from the norms
    Unable to feel in the same cold manner
    Call what you will
    I'm a loser trapped in between lines, hiding to be same

    All I do is listen and pray to invisible words of the
    shadows on the wall
    I'm a loser in between worlds, can't somebody take be home
    Above those clouds and away from prying eyes