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    I wrote this one in september 2020.
    Its a poem about the little things that matters in a relationship and how it can affect our ability to love to the fullest when not reciprocated in a loving way. All these things cause us to hold back and love a little less.
    ~ A little less



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    A little less

    We love a little less
    after our first heart break
    afraid of being vulnerable
    avoiding making the same mistake.

    We love a little less
    when efforts goes to waste
    being taken for granted
    love doesn't give the same taste.

    We love a little less
    when we stop putting our best foot forward
    being so familiar and comfortable
    that actions become false words.

    We love a little less
    when argument becomes a fight
    Not trying to communicate
    jumping on conclusion about who's right.

    We love a little less
    when romance come to an end
    We miss the old spark
    we miss the bond of a good old friend.